This is a specific programme run by two ex teachers (a 3rd will be required if we are to rollout to the extent requested), one being a Trustee of the Foundation, where they focus on a specific aspect of the Life Skills curriculum to teach values to the children. This program has generated much support from the schools. It was set up in such a way that the school has to elect the program, and pay for it, and then claim the funds back from the Foundation. This ensures that the schools participate because they want to. There are other benefits to the schools – for the period that the teacher is there, the class teacher has a well earned marking, admin and preparation breaks.

Each school needs to raise R13,000 to host the programme for a year. Sponsors that come via the DSF will be allocated the school the Foundation feels is the most needy. The Sponsor will be acknowledged as such by the school. Sponsors of this programme are requested to pay R1,100 per month.