What is the D.S.F ?

The Durbanville Schools Foundation is a registered charitable trust whose mission is to improve the standard of education amongst the 11 underprivileged primary schools in the Foundation. Below are some of the projects we do.

Chess Project

Chess has been proven to help young minds to develop, and has demonstrated results in improving maths marks.

Character Building Programe

This is a specific programme run by two ex teachers (a 3rd will be required if we are to rollout to the extent requested)...

Teachers Fund

Schools are given a certain number of staff by the Education Department. Unfortunately the number is way too few to provide a quality education.

Meet our Trustees

The DSF has six Trustees. For the purposes of good corporate governance and in order to emulate the corporate world, the DSF has created the posts of Chairman of the Foundation and Executive Trustee, where the Executive Trustee runs the day to day activities of the Foundation.

Peter Inglis


Peter Inglis, of Haw & Inglis, was one of the founders of the Foundation, and its Chairman for a number of years. He is currently retired from the construction industry, and as chairman of the Foundation. He retains his passion for the Foundation, though and is always willing and able to provide guidance to the team.

Anne King


Anne is one of the founder members of the Foundation. As a concerned citizen in the area, she has provided much support to the Trustees over the years and has a wealth of experience to share.

Sipho Masinga


Sipho Masinga is a community aware citizen who is involved in various community initiatives. Aside from the DSF, he is also a Trustee of the Isilimela Empowerment Education Foundation and active in church projects. He has been involved with the Foundation since his days at MetAM.
He is an IT project manager by profession, with a Masters degree from Stirling University in Scotland.

We encourage you to join us in promoting and helping the well-being of children and making a difference.

Blog Posts

Chairman’s message

Anton Berkovitz It is widely acknowledged that quality education is the solution to many of South Africa’s ills. An educated people will be more entrepreneurial, create more jobs, be able to fill better paid jobs, Read more…

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