Why get involved with DSF?
Many reasons. Here are a few:
• To help educate children in need and build a brighter future.
• To feel empowered, through a simple, yet unique network.
• To make a contribution in your community.

How do I get involved?

How do I find projects?

Is DSF mostly about donating money?
No, quite the contrary. Many members / doers contribute time, energy and skills to projects… involvement which can often have a greater impact than money.

Is Durbanville Schools Foundation registered?
Yes. Durbanville Schools Trust (IT1287/98)
P.B.O. number – 130002176

Are my donations tax deductible?
No. We find the legal requirements outlining what constitutes a tax deductible donation to be too narrow for our purposes, unduly limiting the scope of the projects DSF could support.