Anton Berkovitz

It is widely acknowledged that quality education is the solution to many of South Africa’s ills. An educated people will be more entrepreneurial, create more jobs, be able to fill better paid jobs, consequently afford homes, have better health care and be less dependent on the state – truly a virtuous circle.

While many corporates and NGOs are doing wonderful things at tertiary and secondary education level to develop the skills of those children showing potential, far too many of South Africa’s primary school children will never get the opportunity to participate as they are not given a solid enough foundation, especially those in rural areas.

The Durbanville Schools Foundation supports a number of primary schools on the outskirts of Durbanville and in the neighbouring farmland. These previously disadvantaged schools remain behind the curve. Mostly no-fee schools, they don’t have the capacity to raise funds to catch up to their city counterparts. The Foundation works closely with the schools to fill the gaps covered by Governing Bodies in the more affluent areas.

Huge strides have been made. Active headmasters collaborating with the Foundation have dramatically increased the number of children passing through their primary schools that go on to matriculate. There is much still to do. Classrooms need to be built at some schools; others need additional staff; extra-murals must be provided; bursaries offered to the talented; and many smaller things easily afforded at other schools must be provided.

We urge you all to contribute in some way – hands on or hard cash, every bit helps to grow our wonderful young talent.

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